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What is a Vehicle Wrap? Answer: A vehicle wrap is a large full color vinyl graphic or decal. It is applied directly over the existing paint of a vehicle. The application of the wrap allows you to change the vehicles appearance without changing the factory paint job of your vehicle.

What's the difference between a Partial and a Full Wrap? Answer: A full wrap will cover the entire vehicle. It may or may not include the roof. This is usually a request per the client. A Partial wrap can consist of covering 1/2 the vehicle. Usually we cover the rear and sides half way. There is also a 3/4 wrap. Once again we cover the rear, sides and maybe a hood logo.

How much does a Printed Wrap cost? Answer: There are many factors to consider in figuring the price of a wrap. As mentioned above, the coverage of the wrap is the biggest cost. A good general figure to consider is: a fully wrapped sedan vehicle will cost approx. $2000. This includes design, print and install. A full size work van will cost about $2300.00.

How much does a Solid Color Change Wrap cost? Answer: If you were looking to simply change the color of your personal vehicle, the cost is higher. Due to the nature of the wrapping process, we will have to disassemble more parts on your vehicle to wrap or tuck the vinyl further into areas than a traditional wrap. This takes more time and therefore more of a cost. The typical cost to wrap a 4 door sedan 1 color starts at $2500.

How much does it cost to wrap my roof 1 color? Answer: To wrap something simple like a roof or hood will 1 color will still cost roughly $400 each. The reason it is expensive is due to the time involved to wrap these items.

What is Chrome Delete? Answer: This is where we wrap all the chrome on your vehicle with vinyl that matches the paint. This is a timely install and items may be removed to do so. The general cost to do this start at $500 and go up.

Can I wrap my Wheels or Brake Rotors? Answer: Yes. It can be done but we do not warranty any of these items wrapped. Because we cannot warranty these types of installs, we generally do not recommend doing so. We have seen vinyl fail because of no reason in areas it should not. So we will not take this risk with your life.

How long will a wrap last? Answer: It depends on how well you take care of your vehicle. But if normal care is taken of your wrap, you can expect anywhere from 5-9 years.

Do I need to bring my vehicle in to measure? Answer: No. We have a database of over 2000+ vehicle templates. We have most every vehicle dimension in our graphics library. If you have something custom, we may ask for a few simple measurements and photos.

Will a Vinyl Wrap damage my current paint? Answer: No, if your vehicle has original paint your wrap will protect the paint. If your vehicle has been repainted, there is no guarantee. The vinyl is only as good as the surface it is being placed on.

Can I wrap a leased vehicle? Answer: Yes, car dealerships like the fact you will wrap your leased vehicle. When it comes time to turn it in, we can remove the wrap and still have a brand new factory paint job.

How long does it take to wrap my car? Answer: Times vary on the type of wrap but we generally tell clients 24-48 hours. We will work with you and schedule your wrap so you have the least amount of down time to your business.

Do I have to wash my vehicle before getting it wrapped? Answer: Yes. We all know sometimes your vehicle cannot be spotless. We will thoroughly clean the vehicle with alcohols to remove any wax or grease before wrapping.

If I damage my wrap, can it be fixed? Answer: Yes. We always keep your artwork on file and for some reason a fender or something needs to be wrapped, we can simply print out that section.

Can I remove my wrap myself? Answer: Yes. You can remove the wrap yourself. We generally recommend letting your vehicle sit outside on a warm day before removing the wrap. It will come off and not leave any glue residue behind. We do remove lights, mirrors and antennas to install the wrap, so you may need tools to take them off to remove the vinyl though.

If I see an area lifting, what do I do? Answer: Please call us as soon as you see something. Many times we can quickly repair the wrap before it becomes a major problem. Mistakes happen, the film may have been bad or just installer error. Call us, email us photos and let us know.

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