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Motor City Wraps we can handle your requests ranging from a single vehicle wrap or even your fleet wrap. Below is an overview of the types of vinyl wraps including the installation of them and what to look for when picking a company to wrap your vehicle.

This means the entire vehicle will be covered. A vinyl wrap will cover both sides, front, and rear of the car, van, truck, or trailer but not the roof. Many times a roof wrap is not needed because it is not visible. This process allows us to design and print your company logo and design onto the vinyl. All of our vinyl wraps are printed on 3M high-performance 9-year cast vinyl. They also include 3M high-performance 9-year cast gloss clear coat and come with a 3M performance guarantee.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

As the name implies, the vinyl wrap will cover parts of the vehicle or trailer you are wrapping. This option works well if you are on a budget and would like to utilize the factory paint of them. This process also allows us to design and print your company logo or design into the vinyl. Once again, we print on 3M high-performance 9-year cast vinyl and use the same 3M gloss clear coat to protect the vinyl which comes with the same performance guarantee as a full wrap

Solid Color Change Vinyl Wrap

This means we can take your vehicle and completely change the color of the car with a wrap. This process is a little more involved than a traditional vinyl wrap because we will disassemble the vehicle and there is no design printed onto the wrap. Depending on the vehicle we may take off bumpers, remove lights, mirrors, etc. to tuck the vinyl behind these hard to reach areas. Once we assemble the high-performance, you will be left with a new color which will resemble paint finish. The upside to this is, when you want to change the color or sell the vehicle, we can remove the wrap and have the factory finish of the car intact. Because this process is more involved than a traditional full vinyl wrap, the cost is generally more.

All of our vinyl wraps can be cleanly removed and will not harm the factory paint under the wrap. This is a great option for a company who leases vehicles. They can take delivery of any color vehicle, wrap it with their company graphics. When it comes time to trade in that vehicle, we simply remove the wrap and the original paint finish is still in perfect shape.

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